Tennis Prizes & Awards

             2017 TENNIS PRIZES & AWARDS              

Ladies’ Singles
Winner: Claire Keyte
Finalist: Olivia Dewey
Consolation Winner: Christina Flynn

Ladies’ Doubles
Winner: Olivia Dewey/Melinda Dempsey
Finalist: Melissa Keyte/Claire Keyte
Consolation Winner: Caroline Maynard/Beth Emswiler

Men’s Singles
Winner: Lex Urban
Finalist: Chip Moore
Consolation Winner: Geordie Moore

Men’s Doubles
Winners: Rob Ackerman/ Sam Buffum
Finalist: Stuart Parker/ Jackson Marvel
Consolation Winners: Harry Keyte/Will Berry

Mixed Doubles
Winners: Claire Keyte/Will Berry
Finalist: Melissa Keyte/Harry Keyte
Consolation Winners: Susie Renehan/Charlie Wall
Junior Singles Award Winners
Girls 10 and Under
           Winner:  Campbell Spear
           Finalist: Phyllie Wall
           Consolation Winner: Ellie Wall
Boys 10 and Under
           Winner: Graham Ackerman
           Finalist: Stephen Maynard
           Consolation Winner: Tucker Gongaware
Girls 12 and Under
           Winner: Jane Cahill
           Finalist: Phyllie Wall
           Consolation Winner: LuLu Knisley
Boys 12 and Under
           Winner: Townsend Vogt
           Finalist: Mac Knisley
           Consolation Winner: Graham Wiggenhauser
Girls 14 and Under
           Winner:  Molly Longfield
           Finalist: Jane Cahill
           Consolation Winner: Logan Maclear
Boys 14 and Under
           Winner: Will Maynard
           Finalist: Bennett Masterson
           Consolation Winner: Wells Masterson
Girls 16 and Under
           Winner: Phoebe Cahill
           Finalist: Paget Barlow
           Consolation Winner: Christina Flynn
Boys 16 and Under
           Winner:  Carter George
           Finalist: Charlie Wall
           Consolation Winner: Will Maynard

Junior Doubles Award Winners
Girls 12 and Under
           Winners:Jane Cahill/Annika Mannix
           Finalists: LuLu Knisley/Poppy Kellogg
           Consolation Winners: Ava Lynch/Mimi Emswiler
Boys 12 and Under
           Winners: Will Longfield/Oscar Parkinson
           Finalists: Alexei Kocatas/Wick Ackerman
           Consolation Winners: Mac Knisley/Graham Wiggenhauser
Girls 14 and Under
           Winners:  Molly Longfield/Logan Maclear
           Finalists: Jane Cahill/Breck O’Connor 
           Consolation Winners: Isla Pearson/LuLu Knisley
Boys 14 and Under
           Winners:  Will Maynard/Henry Emswiler
           Finalists: Wells Masterson/Bennett Masterson 
           Consolation Winners: Mac Knisley/Connor Spear
Girls 16 and Under
           Winners:  Phoebe/Jane  Cahill
           Finalists: Whitney Vogt/ Nina Parker
           Consolation Winners: Christina Flynn/Clara Burger
Boys 16 and Under
           Winners:  Wells/Bennett Masterson
           Finalist: Carter George/Sam Eglin

           Consolation Winners: Henry Emswiler/Will Maynard
Junior Mixed Doubles Winners
12 and Under
           Winners:  Jane Cahill/Oscar Parkinson
           Finalists: Mimi Emswiler/Graham Wiggenhauser

16 and Under
           Winners:  Marin Myers/Henry Emswiler
           Finalist: Christina Flynn/Carter George

Amy Mazzola Flynn Parent/Child  12 & Under
           Winners: Jane/Michael Cahill
           Finalists: Ava/Coley Lynch
Thomas W. Eglin Parent/Child 13 & Over
           Winners: Will/Caroline Maynard
           Finalists: Sam/Will Eglin
The Chet Buffum Tennis Award 
Winner: Will Maynard

This award is in honor of Chet Buffum, one whose love of the game began in his youth when his father only wanted him to be a sailor. He sneaked away to his real interest, tennis; where he spent many hours on the courts and learned never to give up, even when behind in a hard fought match. Later in life, after suffering a heart attack on the court, it was not long before he was back with racquet in hand.  He played until his 80’s with friends. His inspiration to his children and grandchildren prompted his grandson Sam to propose an award from the Buffum family to the person who exemplifies Chet Buffum’s legacy.
Ambassador Arthur W. Gardner Bowl
Girls Winner: Phoebe Cahill

Boys Winner: Wells Masterson
Since 1958, the Gardner Bowl has been awarded to the junior boy and junior girl tennis players who have demonstrated substantial improvement through dedication to the game, while displaying the finest qualities of sportsmanship, tennis etiquette, conduct and character.