Member Central 2020

Men's Senior Member Guest
DATE: Tuesday, August 25 - Wednesday, August 26
COST: $00 per person includes.....

Tuesday - Course closed to non-competitors 1pm-5:30pm. Wednesday - Course closed to non-competitors until 1:30pm.

Brian Curry - The Good Liar
DATE: Saturday, August 22
TIME/PLACE: 7pm at the Clubhouse
COST: $00 per person includes.....

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Watchminster Dog Show
DATE: Sunday, July 26
TIME/PLACE: 4pm at the Clubhouse
COST: $00 per entry

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Aug. 6: Course Opens at 9am
Aug. 6: Ladies' Championship Draw
Aug. 6: Ladies' Clinic "9 and Wine" 3:30pm/4:30pm
Aug. 7: Men's Pick Up 1pm
Aug. 7: Junior Scramble 5pm
Aug. 8: Ladies' Golf 9am
Aug. 8: Ladies' Member Member Tournament 9am
Aug. 8: Junior Play 2:30pm
Aug. 8: Teen Play 4pm
Aug. 9: Men's Pick Up 1pm
Aug. 10: Course Opens at 7:30am
Aug. 10-11: Ladies' Championship
Aug. 12: Course Opens at Noon
Aug. 13: Course Opens at 9am
Aug. 13-14: Ladies' Championship 
Aug. 13: Ladies' Clinic "9 and Wine" 3:30pm/4:30pm


August 8-11
Adult Singles Club Championships

Men’s and Ladies’

August 11
Thomas W. Eglin / Amy Mazzola Flynn Parent/Child Tournament

August 12-15

Junior Doubles Championship 



August 16

Junior Carnival 3:30pm

Aug. 6: Ladies' Mid-Day Swing 2:30pm

Aug. 8: Ladies' Clinics 

Aug. 8: Adult Bootcamp 10am

Aug. 9: Margarita Night 5:30pm

Aug. 11: Adult Bootcamp 10am

Aug. 12: Ladies' Clinics 

Aug. 13: Ladies' Mid-Day Swing 2:30pm


LUNCH:  Wed.-Sun. 12pm-2:30pm
DINNER: Wed. & Fri. 6pm-8:30pm
BAR:       Mon.-Tues. 3pm-8pm
               Wed.-Sat. 11am-11pm
               Sunday 11am-8pm


Aug. 8: NEW DATE Bridge Luncheon 12:30pm

Aug. 10: Charter Member Annual Meeting 10am

              Followed by Board of Governor's Meeting

Aug. 10: Elizabeth Lyons Event 7pm

Aug. 12: Canasta 3pm

Clubhouse Dinner Special
Friday, August 9

Sweet Soy Glazed Chilean Sea Bass over Warm Vegetable and Cous Cous Salad


LUNCH:   Mon. - Fri.: Noon - 2:30pm
                Sat. - Sun.: Noon - 3pm
DINNER: Fri. - Sat. 7pm-8:30pm

Aug. 6: Junior Talent Show 6pm-8pm
Aug. 8: Misquamicook 6pm-11pm
Aug. 11: Home Run Derby 6pm
Aug. 13: Pizza & Bingo 6pm


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